Co-Founder / Rapper / Producer

Current Status: Deceased (RIP)

Founding headRx in 2005 with vieL'a veiL and Obnoxiouz 9, Boogie left such a major impact on everybody even remotely familiar with headRx that to this day it is still hard to fully appreciate his influence. Being that he is Obnoxiouz 9's brother, it was only a matter of time before he would find his way to the microphone at viel'a veil's studio. Before headRx was even officially founded, Boogie was always working, happily serving as the guinea pig as he and viel'a veil learned what it took to make a record sound good.

When he passed it was devastating to everyone involved, so much that it took years for headRx as a whole to recover to the point where they could make music again. Though not here in the physical form, he will always be with us musically, as without him the whole team wouldn't even know how to do what they do now.


RIP big homie.